Major Types of Inverter Batteries

Deep-cycle batteries are a major component of a solar PV or inverter system. There are four (4) major types of deep cycle batteries used in solar PV or inverter system installations:

  • Wet Cell Batteries: these are flooded cells and notably require close monitoring, inspection and topping of water. Wet cells comparatively have higher self-discharging rates and do not handle vibrations very well due to their flooded state. However, they can tolerate overcharging reasonably well.
  • GEL Cell Batteries: these are maintenance-free, spill- and leak-proof, able to handle extreme temperatures but sensitive to overcharging and hence would need to be connected to a system with proper charging and regulation capabilities.
  • AGM Batteries: acronym for Absorbed Glass Matt – with the lead acid woven into a glass partition. They are maintenance-free, spill- and leak-proof with low self-discharging rate and reasonably long lifespan. However also sensitive to overcharging conditions.
  • Lithium Batteries: notable expensive, light-weighted when compared to lead-acid based batteries, can charge faster, ideal for electric vehicles and with long lifespan however, they can overheat and pose a fire risk.

Regardless of the battery technology chosen, the right attention and application would determine how well they perform for this, you might require a qualified technician to assist in sizing your load and choosing your batteries.


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