Things You Need to Know About Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

Getting Started with Solar PV Systems

A solar photovoltaic PV system typically comprises of three (3) major component sections for a complete system; Solar PV Panel(s), Inverter (+ charge controller), and Battery(ies).

Solar PV panels are typically connected to charge deep-cycled batteries, while the inverter converts energy stored in the battery to power loads. The sizing of the system is done with respect to the connected loads and period of autonomy i.e. how long you would expect it to last for after charging.

In locations with sufficient electricity supply from the grid or a generating plant, an inverter system without the solar PV panel(s) can be installed to back-up power from the grid or generator/plant just an inverter and batteries.

The reliability and longevity of either a solar PV or an inverter system is largely dependent on;

  • Quality of materials,
  • Experience of the technician, and
  • Consumer’s power consumption behavior.

The quality of materials used in either a solar PV or inverter project becomes necessary for reliability, while the experience of the technician is needed to properly size system load and ultimately the consumers discipline to utilize system within boundaries as per the technicians advice.

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