1.2KVA/12VDC Mercury Inverter, Modified Sinewave



  • LCD display for status monitoring
  • Built-in Charger (no external charge required)
  • Super efficient DC-AC Conversion
  • Input Voltage Range Selection Option
  • Critical overload protection
  • Automatic Switchover to Inverter Mode

The 1.2kva (1200VA)/12V Mercury inverter has added some extra bang! It not only got an upgrade for even more robust performance, but now parades an LCD monitoring screen. What that means is that the user is now able to easily keep track of the functioning of the equipment. Critical status information is now displayed digitally on the LCD screen. Battery discharge, for instance, can now be monitored, enabling the user decide when to protect the battery from low discharge levels that can shorten battery life.

No change-over hassles again when you deploy the Mercury Radiant 1.2kva inverter because it provides automatic change-over to inverter mode, once the power supply is cut off. Apart from giving you the benefit of continuous power supply, you also enjoy automation from the Mercury 1200, which translates to a lot of convenience. With advantages of Deep Discharge Protection.

Model: Mercury 2.4k Inverter
Voltage: 230VAC
Capacity: 2400VA/1440W
Output Power: 1440 Watts
Voltage Range: 170-280VAC (UPS Mode)
90-280 VAC (INV Mode)
Voltage Regulation(Battery Mode): 230VAC +/-10%
Transfer Time: 20 ms Typical
Waveform: Modified Sine Wave
Battery Voltage: 24VDC
Floating Charge Voltage: 27.00VDC +-0.5
Charge Current: 10/20A
Dimensions (W x D x H): 330 x 227.8 x 92.5, Net Weight (Kgs): 2.6, Gross Weight (Kgs): 3.1

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