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Energy Access (Online Store)

We offer expert services in design and delivery of renewable, clean and decentralized energy solutions in;

  • Solar PV Systems
  • Solar Home Systems (SHS)
  • Solar Street Lighting
  • Solar for Irrigation and Borehole
  • Solar Mini-Grids
  • Transfer of Installations

Energy Management & Advisory

We can look into your energy consumption and advice you on ways to minimize recurrent expenditure whether you are equipping a new building, setting up a house or in an existing facility, we can always come in to justify your consumption;

  • Energy Efficient Designs & Consultancy
  • Energy Performance and Key Improvements
  • Energy Metering and Bill Processing
  • Energy Audit

Electricity Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure services relevant to energy access both power infrastructure and domestic electrical works.

  •  Power Transformers and Sub-Station Accessories
  •  High and Low Tension Cabling
  •  Industrial and Domestic Electrical Works

Service FAQs

For many, Solar Power is a mystery that requires major financial considerations. The benefits of solar power are endless and it pays to have some knowledge about it in order to arrive at the right decision. Please find below some information regarding Solar Power.

Residential solar systems usually start as small as 0.6 kw and can get up to 10 kw or more depending on the load demand and installation space available. Commercial systems are much larger.

Determining the best system size for your situation is not necessarily straight forward. Systems are design specific with considerations to load requirements, daily usage timing, available space and budget.

It depends, but most likely yes. Unless you are considering going off-grid and getting a stand-alone solar power system. You will have to pay for electricity if you are connected to the Grid, even if your solar power system satisfies your energy needs. If you are connected to the Grid (your DISCO), there are other charges from your DISCO aside your consumption charge e.g. daily fee to access the Grid, supply charge, etc.

No, solar panels only generate electricity during daylight hours. Particularly in Nigeria, you have about 5 hours daily for your solar panels to perform reasonably well. If you’re connected to the grid, you’ll have to buy electricity from your DISCO when you need power at night otherwise you need batteries to store excess power during the day to be used at night.

Solar system cost varies depending on the size of your system and the ease of installation. You can call or send us a mail to get a system quote.

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