800VA/12V Pure Sine Wave Mpower Inverter



  • Color: Black
  • Model: Mpower800VA/12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Production Country: China
  • Product Line: Airwave Limited
  • Weight (kg): 14.5

Product details

The mPower 800VA/12V pure sine wave inverter is an entry-level capacity inverter to meet some basic power back-up needs of a home or office: some light points, fans, and few other appliances (see load estimate below). The 800va Mpower inverter is a 12V inverter, which means that it uses a battery bank of one 12v battery. The 200Ah battery capacity is recommended, but other battery capacities below or above 200Ah will also work. Lower capacities (say 100Ah), however, mean less power storage and less backup performance.

The 800VA unit is also labeled a Home UPS. What this means is that this inverter unit has been designed to offer double functionality (inverter + UPS functions). It means that supply changeover is not only automatic but also without a break. In effect, your computer will run without re-booting and you will not need an extra UPS to achieve this. This inverter unit can actually serve as UPS, providing smooth continuous power supply and for an extended backup period far beyond what normal UPS can offer.

If you just need an inverter to power your laptop, TV, decoder, and/or DVD player or you just need an extended use UPS for your desktop PC or server, you can buy the 800VA mPower Inverter.

mPower Inverter delivers pure sine wave power output making them great for sensitive gadgets like computers, TVs, and home electronics. They also come with built-in UPS ensuring an uninterrupted supply.

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